Let us look after your finances so you can focus on the work you really enjoy

As your company grows, you often find yourself spending more and more time hunting down receipts and bills, chasing up suppliers and late paying customers, and rushing to get your invoices sent out on time.

Maybe you need an extra pair of hands (or two!) to keep up with the workflow? You might not have the budget or the demand for an employee of your own, but here at Ten Forward, we can offer you an in-house accounts department; complete with a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) if needed, to give you a more strategic view and keep you on track for your long-term goals.

We’ll allow you to continue doing what you do best, safe in the knowledge that your finances are taken care of.

CFO Services

Our team can give you insight into your business and help you to plan out your company’s future goals. These can be small things like reviewing your cashflow at the end of the month, or forecasting and planning for the following month, year or even 5 years.

Ten Forward can visit your office and run board meetings, preparing and presenting a set of management reports to your directors and shareholders. We can look at the efficiency and performance of your company from an outside perspective and if you are looking to sell your business or set up a legacy plan this can be especially helpful.

We are able to advise on multiple areas of the business, and can help you grow your company so that it’s more successful and more profitable.

Virtual Accounts Department

Sometimes it’s nice just to have things taken care of.

We can set up dedicated phone and email lines so we can speak directly with your customers and suppliers, utilising technology and automation to get things done faster.

We have a large team who are able to help, so you’re not limited to one person.

Utilising our tax team, bookkeepers and senior financial accountants, we are able to make sure you receive an all-round service.

Accounts Receivables /

Invoice Management

No one likes to have to chase unpaid invoices as it can be extremely time consuming and repetitive.

You might have some clients who you feel you are always chasing or you may just need help getting all the invoices loaded into the systems.

We can help you to get paid faster, and get your invoices loaded so it’s easy to track whether they have been paid.


Ten Forward can load or complete payments for suppliers, salaries and anything else so that they are ready for you to press the button to approve, or we can make payments from a pre-approved list.

This can be done from your own bank account or from a dedicated client account that can be set up on your behalf.

Month-End Management

We can ensure that your accounts are tidy at month-end so you are able to produce beautiful and accurate reports.

If we are already doing your monthly or quarterly bookkeeping, we can complete this as part of our process. Alternatively, we can work with your existing in-house bookkeeper or finance team, and ensure a seamless handover at month end once our work is complete.

You can draw on the knowledge of our senior accountants to make sure that all your transactions, no matter the complexity, have been accounted for correctly.