R&D Tax Credits

Rewarding you for innovation

R&D tax credits explained

Research and development (R&D) tax credits are a government tax relief designed to
encourage UK companies to invest in innovation. You could benefit from a reduction in your
tax bill, or cash back from HMRC straight into your bank account.


Sounds great! Am I eligible?let’s go! How can Ten Forward help?

  • You’re attempting to “resolve scientific or technological uncertainties”
  • You’re advancing the field of science and technology
  • There is naturally a level of uncertainty about the outcome
  • You’re not sure your project is scientifically or technologically possible
  • Developing or improving products and services, or improving efficiences.

If any of the above apply to you, then you may be carrying out activity that qualifies for R&D tax credits.

What costs can I claim for?

The good news is that R&D doesn’t have to have been successful to qualify. You can also include work completed for a client as well as your own projects. Some of the types of qualifying expenditure include:

Materials and consumables

Staff costs incl. salaries, employer’s NIC & pension contributions

Certain types of software

Subcontractors and freelancers

How much could I save?

With R&D tax credits, you could save up to a third of every £1 you have spent on qualifying costs!

Which category do you fall into?

I’m a SME Less then 500 staff and less
than €100 million turnover or
€86 million net assets

Your could claim up to
33 for every pound
spend on R&D

I’m a large companyGreater than 500 staff and more
than €100 million turnover or
€86 million net assets

Large companies can
claim up to 8.8p for every
£1 spend on R&D

How we work

Our service is completely end-to-end, and importantly it includes dealing with HMRC on your behalf.
There’s only 4 simple steps between you and a successful claim!


  • 1


    First we want to sit down and have a discussion to learn more about you are your business!

  • 2


    Next we will review your accounts and expenses together and dicsuss your current R&D projects.

  • 3


    Once we are happy we have a solid claim, we will produce your R&D report and claim ready for your approval.

  • 4


    We deal directly with HMRC on your behalf, from getting the claim approved to chasing the money in the bank.

  • Receiving Your Credit

    Success! Once the claim has been approved, the funds should be with your in 4-6 weeks!

What next?

Speak to one of our team about how R&D tax credits could save you money. We’re
ready to help your innovations make a real change to your business.