Meet The Team

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Meet The Team


Nathan is constantly driven by new ideas and challenging the status quo. It’s this revolutionary attitude that he takes to every client, helping them deal with the obstacles and challenges they face and solving them to help their businesses grow and thrive. In his own words, it’s all about “understanding what clients want, adapting to the environment, and helping them achieve their goals."

Practice Director

Amy is known for making things happen at Ten Forward. As our “secret weapon”, she helps deliver the personal and quality service we are known for, which we largely attribute to her inbuilt instinct for dissecting what our clients need and equipping the team with the skills and knowledge to deliver exactly that.

Head of Technical Services

Suneesh has over 14 years’ experience within the media and entertainment industry. His favourite aspect of his role has always been solving complex problems and helping others, which makes him a perfect fit for Ten Forward Finance. He always makes the effort to relate to our clients and learn their business inside and out, which has often been praised by clients and staff. When he is not stressing about work, he is either stressing over the next country he wants to visit or when Liverpool will next win a trophy…

Head of Operations

With many strings attached to her position, Libby’s role is very much interlinked with a variety of different areas, but at the heart of that is providing a great client service with the same level of attention in a friendly manner. With that in mind, we’re certain that her job title doesn’t completely cover what Libby does, but in our defence, there isn’t one job title that can do that!

HR and office management

It’s hard to pinpoint which nickname Tricia is best known for! “Doll”, “T” and “My little lovely” are the top three that are often thrown around the office, and it’s easy to understand why. However, “HR” doesn’t begin to describe her role here…Over the years Tricia has taken “Talent Management” to a new level, as she looks after our valuable people here at Ten Forward!

client management

Ellie knows Ten Forward Finance inside out. Covering client management, Ellie is the absolute knowledge base. While supporting our clients keeps Ellie busy, which she loves, when she’s not at work she attends to her second love, shopping!

Head of Client Services

Clare is fantastic at ensuring a happy and fulfilling work environment for the team, as well as encouraging them to work towards their dreams. Known for her organisational skills, she works to match you to the right team member, to make sure you get the best service possible from Ten Forward Finance! Outside of work, Clare is often seen having a good chat with friends with the odd glass of wine.

Client Manager

Canberk’s passion for increasing our client’s wealth definitely shines in his role as Client Manager. Whether he is helping our clients with self-assessment, assisting with auto enrolment or tax claims, he is great as thinking outside the box in order to solve your problems. When not in the office, he can often be found on the pitch with a football.

Client Manager

Even though Eddie doesn’t hold his dream job of “Jedi Master”, you can rely on him for his many words of wisdom when providing assistance with bookkeeping and annual accounts. Eddie is fantastic at bringing the great culture we have internally to any dealings he has with clients, leaving you satisfied and confident that your problems are solved.

Senior Accountant

Client Manager

Client Manager

Office Administrator

Client Manager

Apprentice - Client Manager

Apprentice - Client Manager