Meet The Team

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Meet The Team


Amy is known for making things happen at Ten Forward. As our “secret weapon”, she helps deliver the personal and quality service we are known for, which we largely attribute to her inbuilt instinct for dissecting what our clients need and equipping the team with the skills and knowledge to deliver exactly that.

Managing Director

Simon brings over 25 years of practise and industry experience to the team, including broad commercial and financial knowledge, particularly in the fashion and creative industries. He has undertaken varied roles including 5 years at Deloitte, and 3 as Finance Director at Huntsman on Savile Row. Prior to joining Ten Forward Simon spent a year in Mendoza, Argentina, learning Spanish and the art of wine making. A keen sports player, Simon enjoys tennis and squash, and once got a hole in one! In 5 years, Simon wants to tick the final item off his bucket list, ready to start a new one. Book recommendation: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams

Technical Services Director

Suneesh has over 18 years’ experience within the media and entertainment industry. His favourite aspect of his role has always been solving complex problems and helping others, which makes him a perfect fit for Ten Forward. He always makes the effort to relate to our clients and learn their business inside and out, which has often been praised by clients and staff. When he is not stressing about work, he is either stressing over the next country he wants to visit or when Liverpool will next win a trophy…

Head of Operations

With many strings attached to her position, Libby’s role is very much interlinked with a variety of different areas, but at the heart of that is providing a great client service with the same level of attention in a friendly manner. With that in mind, we’re certain that her job title doesn’t completely cover what Libby does, but in our defence, there isn’t one job title that can do that! Book recommendation: Pinch of Nom by Catherine Allinson and Kay Featherstone

Senior Accountant

Christine loves a challenge, and she never quits when she has tough new work thrown her way. Christine spends a lot of her time completing your year-end accounts and training other team members. With heaps of passion and patience, she encourages the team to be the best they can be and develop their skills to the fullest. When not at work, Christine loves to spend time with her family and with her church. Before joining Ten Forward, Christine spent time in Trinidad and Tobago helping other companies, charities and individuals with their tax returns and accounts.

Client Manager

Sunayna has been wowing our clients with her organisation, enthusiasm and knowledge of their businesses since she joined Ten Forward. Her favourite part of the job is delving into the detail with our clients about their personal or business finances and helping them understand the numbers. Sunayna will examine your accounts with a fine-tooth comb, so be prepared to be blown away by the incredible changes that Sunayna will make when it comes to your finances!

Client Manager

Luke thrives on the complexity of managing multiple clients’ needs, mastering the delicate balance between efficiency and approachability in his work. If you’re trying to juggle your business, family, savings, and personal interests then Luke’s your guy - plate-spinning is his forte! Oh, and next time you see him ask him to sing for you – he’s pretty good! Book recommendation: Greatest Showman (isnt that a film?!)

Client Manager

Most athletic member of the Ten Forward team (although that’s not saying a lot), Dante, used to be one of the country’s fastest sprinters at youth level. Dante says he gets as much satisfaction out of helping his clients and passing his accountancy exams as he does smashing his PB’s at the gym. Book recommendation: Mastery by Robert Greene

Client Manager

Super-organised Cherry thrives on beating deadlines while keeping the client’s needs at the centre of her focus. If the client isn’t happy, then neither is she. Since working at Ten Forward, Cherry has learned to embrace change, as adapting to client’s needs and new technologies is at the heart of what we do. Globe-trotting adventurer, Cherry, has travelled to every continent except the Antarctic (it’s on the list!), and loves planning the next road-trip with husband, Luke, preferably with a Rhubarb gin in hand! Book recommendation: Blink by Malcolm Gladwell.

Head of Client Services

Heading up our core services team, qualified accountant, intrepid explorer, and tree lover, Fahad enjoys talking to clients and his team as regularly as he can, ticking things off of his to do list so he can get back to daydreaming about buying a house with a swimming pool. Always looking to exceed expectations, hard-working Fahad is fuelled by coffee and burgers. Our move to Whetstone, away from the fast-food heaven that was North Finchley, didn’t go down too well. Is it coincidence that a new Korean fried chicken shop opened up in our new building within weeks of the move? Book recommendation: Effortless by Greg McKeown

Trainee Accountant

Trainee accountant, and recent graduate, Akshay loves data and analysis and plans to qualify as an ACCA in the next couple of years. He is putting his training to good use by devising new and effective methodologies to save time, something we love to hear at Ten Forward as it means we can load him up with more work! In his spare time Akshay enjoys a good Chicken Dum Biryani, washed down with a banana shake. Book recommendation: Wings of Fire by APJ Abdul Kalam


New recruit, Denisa, arrives with a wealth of qualifications and experience in the financial sector and is excited to join Ten Forward and apply her skills to our clients. Ambitious and talented, Denisa wants to continue her studies and achieve an EMBA and FCCA in the near future. Denisa says she hates repetitive work, but that contradicts the fact she has seen Red Sparrow and The Shawshank Redemption at least 3 times each! Outside the office, Denisa loves cooking, travel and photography, and busies herself with organising charity events. Book recommendation: Great by Choice by James Collins

Trainee Accountant

Trainee accountant Lex enjoys learning the ropes working with a big variety of clients and characters. Lex is learning fast and rightly proud of the progress she is making. Outside of the office, Lex enjoys ice skating, and her favourite film is Titanic, but the association with cold things ends there as inside the office you’ll always see her next to a heater and keeping as warm as she can! Book recommendation: The Girl On The Train by Paula Hawkins