The Creative Industry

Does your accountant understand you?

We love working with you

Our creative clients are often keeping us on our toes and keep us growing in many ways.

We find that we’re constantly bettering ourselves via new technology and are keeping up to date with
the latest trends in order to make more things possible for you.

If you are feeling held back by your current accountant, we can help! We talk your language
and we support creatives from across a variety of different sectors.


Who you are?How we can help?

Our “why”

We get excited about your creative ideas. You’re disrupting your industry,
and you want an accountant who understands you and what you do.

We’ve got all the qualities of a creative: Project management, strategy, advice,
processes – but we’ve also got the knowledge to help you with the numbers.

We’re here to help enhance your new ideas, to change your world, to keep your feet on
the ground when it comes to numbers.

So if that sounds like the relationship you need, then let’s get to work!

Who you are

The creative industry encompasses a ton of different entrepreneurs. We work well with creatives that are:

Creative artists

Including photographers, stylists, models, producers and writers

Digital consultancies

Including brand development and product launches

Digital creatives

Including creative agencies, cameramen & operators, designers and developers

Digital tech

Including consulting, IT and software developers

What we can do for you

We understand your frantic schedules and make everything as easy as possible for you whilst you are travelling the world on new and exciting projects. We can come to you to collect your paperwork and we work with a number of cloud based systems that allow you to send your information in – enabling us to get everything back to you with plenty of time to spare.

You’re forward thinking and you need an accountant that will help change your world. That’s why
we go beyond the rules, the HMRC website, and the numbers! We actually give you
advice and help create opportunities for:


We are accountants serving you, not the revenue. Because of that, we’ll fill in the areas you might be lacking, helping you use your time effectively.


We’ll chase you for the details, help you find what you need, or even find it for you. This gives you accountability but also builds our relationship with you to become your trustworthy partner.

Get support with R&D tax credits rewarding you for innovation!

You could benefit from a reduction in your tax bill, or cash back from HMRC straight into
your bank account. But creatives often dismiss the idea of R&D tax credits, out of fear
they’re not eligible or because of a lack of knowledge.

With our end-to-end support, we’ll help you identify what you can claim for and
deal with HMRC on your behalf so you can make a successful claim.