Trust Planning

Trust Planning

A trust is a legal arrangement that is traditionally used to help minimize estate taxes. However this is only one of the benefits. When considered as part of a well thought out estate-plan it can provide a number of other very important facilities.

​If you are concerned about managing your assets now and in the future then you need to consider using trusts to achieve your financial goals.  Here at Ten Forward we can provide tailored solutions to meet your requirements no matter how complex.

We are able to review any current arrangements provide a summary how effectively your current set-up meets your requirements.  We are also able to provide a complete management service and if you simply need an advisor to manage your existing trust and compliance requirements our panel of tax experts and technicians can handle this all for you.

Key Benefits

  • Control of your wealth
  • Protection of your legacy
  • Privacy and probate savings
  • Protect your assets so that they are not used to pay for care home fees
  • Provide a guaranteed income to your loved ones and give them financial stability
  • Reduce inheritance tax and ensures that your assets are passed on in the most tax efficient way
  • Potential Corporate tax savings if a company contributes for benefit of employees

How does it work?

At Ten Forward we have always recognised that there is no substitute for time.  We understand that your affairs and what you want for yourself and your family’s future cannot be handled in one quick conversation.  We start the process with an in-depth review of your circumstances and work with you to identify what is important to you. We then draw up a proposal with options and recommendations.

Once you are happy to proceed we provide a full “hand-holding iterative service.”  This means that once the main set-up has been completed we constantly review your circumstances because we understand that circumstances and relationships can change.  We provide a complete end to end solution whereby we can maintain your trust and deal with the compliance.

​Because of our commitment to forward thinking we utilise the latest technology to provide you with a communications package tailored to your needs.