Inheritance Tax Planning

We offer the right solutions.

Historically Inheritance tax planning was seen as an arena for the rich and famous.  This is no longer the case, as many individuals and families with a relatively moderate level of wealth are discovering. It is important that planning for the future is done now in order to ensure that your estate is passed on to your loved ones in the most efficient manner possible. Inheritance Tax is only one of the factors to consider.

Here at Ten Forward, planning ahead is part of our ethos and we are pleased to be able to offer bespoke solutions that allow a UK resident and domiciled individual to effectively mitigate the impact of inheritance tax on their estate.

Key Features

  • Very simple and quick to implement, with no legal charge needed on assets
  • Immediate reduction in the value of the individual’s estate on
  • No physical movement of assets until after the individual’s death
  • Not affected by IHT anti-avoidance provisions relating to debts (s.
    103 FA 1986)
  • Not affected by the general anti-abuse rule (“GAAR”)
  • Non-DOTAS arrangement.

Key Benefits

  • ​40% IHT tax charge eradicated
  • Tax savings can be utilised immediately
  • 40% of solution fee indirectly subsidised by
  • Sophisticated succession planning
  • All of the estate goes in the direction of
    your choosing


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