Contractors Tax Planning

Would you like to take home up to 82% of your earnings?
We offer a tax planning solution to UK resident individuals (sole trader or limited company) to minimise their tax costs and increase their take home pay.

Key Features:

  • Significant reduction in Income tax and Nic liability
  • Not affected by IR35 or the Managed Service Company provisions
  • Not affected by the general anti-abuse rule (“GAAR”) and
  • Non-DOTAS arrangement

Key Benefits:

  • Significant increase in levels of retained earnings
  • Tax savings can be utilised immediately
  • Robust policy in relation to living expenses and
  • Flexible entry and exit

Arrangement Fees:

Our fees are extremely competitive and are individually assessed.

If you subscribe to our tax planning for at least one year, we would offer a 50% discount on compliance fees. For more details click here.

Come and see us us in our new offices pictured below, and our tax experts willl welcome you with a cup of great coffee to discuss your options further.