"It felt like a double saving!"

– Myles Anderson – Bright Little Light Ltd – Specialist local SEO tools.

The Business

Bright Little Light started out as a search agency providing local search services to a range of local businesses in and around London. As they’ve grew they began building SEO tools themselves. Seeing a gap in the market they decided to jump in, and now proudly specialise in SEO tools that focus on local businesses and local agencies.

How have Ten Forward helped?

Bright Local is an online service for local businesses to search information about local businesses for marketing purposes. They have developed the online program which has been developed over the few years. Similar to our other clients, we carried out a detail review and discovered that it was innovative and unique. Based on the process of the development and the nature of it, it was eligible for the research and development tax credits.

What have been the benefits?

“Yes the R&D credits made an impact to the business. It allowed us to reinvest in our server infrastructure, enabling us to purchase our own hardware & reduce our monthly hosting costs by 80%. It felt like a double saving!” – Myles Anderson.

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