"Their expert advice has been invaluable"

– Jamie Gray – JC Gray Ltd- Photographer

The Business

Jamie Gray is a London based photographer who has curated a large body of work spanning the whole photographic spectrum. Jamie’s expertise takes him all over the world shooting for some of the biggest brands.

How have Ten Forward helped?

TFF have worked on Jamie’s personal and business accounts over the years. We’ve worked with him on helping him reach his financial goals which can be a challenge in London. Finding solutions to challenges that come with working in the fashion industry as a photographer, and making sure he’s not been hit with astronomical tax bills each year.

What have been the benefits?

“I have an incredibly packed schedule as a photographer. It’s been great to work with the TFF team who are happy to work around me when I’m flat out on a shoot. I’ve found it very reassuring that TFF have helped me keeps my costs down, and have really take the time to understand properly how my money is spent. My business has benefitted hugely because I’ve had the guys at TFF available to me to share, and talk through ideas with. Their expert advice has been invaluable. Also, knowing that they understand my industry so well and have other similar clients has made my life so much easier, as they understand everything in context when giving me sound financial advice.” – Jamie Gray.

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